What I’ve done

The code of the freelancers prevents me telling you too much about what I work on  – in general it won’t be under my own name but the name of the agency commissioning me. Recently it’s been polymers, futures buying, garden fencing, fruit, global agriculture, holidays, hi fi, parcels delivery, charity, health and safety, windscreen wipers, voice training, motor fuel – oh, and soft furnishings, fabrics, waste disposal, construction, property …

All right, all right.  You get the picture.  And if you don’t see your type of thing there, relax – I can handle it.

While discretion means means I’ve had to leave a lot of big brands out of this section, here are some examples of writing and concept ability that aren’t wrapped in anonymity.

This is a film I wrote and produced recently for the Health and Safety Executive, with director Steve Csanyi and editor Sparky Tuson:

Take a look at this website.

Just done it – written, designed, art directed, published (I could do the same for you, perhaps). 

Another recent website, written in collaboration with the client, designed, art directed and published.

Here’s a nice press ad, part of a series for Transvasin heat rub featuring the cheery bendy man illustrating the joys of joints that work flexibly and comfortably.  Most advertising for products to ease joint pain focus on the pain rather than the ease.  The bendy man works perfectly as a more positive concept.  Click on the image to enlarge it so you can read the copy.   Then click on your ‘Back’ button to return here.

Front of a business show handout for a photographer’s special offer.  Visitors to the show were already in the right frame of mind for tracking down creative suppliers – but faced an overload of the same type of message.   This gave them an instant nothing-to-lose offer that stood out from the crowd.  Can’t beat a simple idea.

A piece for a textile and soft furnishings design partnership specialising in one-off creations.  Their offer is based on beautiful things with a practical use – hence the strapline ‘The art of everyday living’.   Click  on the image to read the copy, then hit the  ‘Back’ button to return here.



One from the archives. I still love this diabolical character with the Sid James laugh. When you’ve watched it, hit the ‘Back’ button to return.  





An example of ‘long copy’.  These are the elements of a leaflet for a portrait and  personalised prints company.  For any direct mail origami fans, it’s a one-third A4 concertina-fold and, as you’ve no doubt spotted, I’ve manipulated the images here at the expense of the design, so you can read the copy in sequence.  Click on the image to enlarge it for readability, then click the ‘Back’ button to return to this page.