Notes from the creative frontline

sax laptop_2A freelance copywriter, website designer and creative consultant with vast experience in all media, based in Kent and in easy reach of London, happy to travel anywhere, used to working with advertising and marketing agencies, graphic and web designers, video producers and direct clients in all sectors.

That’s me.

If you’re an agency you’ll find I can bring a refreshing new angle to tricky creative problems – or dash to the rescue if you’re shorthanded or overloaded. If you’re a designer I can give you a valuable extra capability to add to your creative offer.

And if you’re a direct client I can provide the words for you to supply to your web or print designer – a much more effective use of your time than spending days trying to come up with the goods yourself.

Whatever your line, right now it’s more important than ever to get the message across in the right way to the right audience. And with everybody promising offers, deals and discounts, you’ll need to be a bit creative to stand out from the crowd and be credible and persuasive. That’s why the words you use are vital.

You may not be much different to everybody else, but you’ll certainly need to seem so to make an impression.  Maybe I can help …